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BBK 2543 Gripp Full Length Subframe Connector Kit Canada Performance Improvements

BBK 2543 Gripp Full Length Subframe Connector Kit


  • $229.88 CAD

Gripp Full Length Subframe Connector Kit; Weld Or Bolt In; Hardware Incl.; Seat Bracket Support Kit; Powdercoat Finish; 94-04 FORD MUSTANG SUBFRAME CONNECTORS W/SEAT BRACKET SUPPORTS (FITS COBRA WITH

Mustang subframe connectors should be one of the first modifications you make to your car. These full Length BBK subframe connectors will increase the chassis stiffness and increase the strength of the unibody to make the rest of your Mustang suspension function properly for better handling and ride quality. These full Length Mustang subframe connectors are available in standard style or with seat brackets for additional strength. All subframe kits are powdercoated for protection against the elements can be bolted or welded in place.



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